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Commercial Law







Suggested Structure:

The Assessment Task 1 is an individual assignment in the form of a case note. Students will be provided an actual judgement (usually a shortened version), and required to write a note about the case. A case note is a critical analysis of a court’s judgment. Students have to analyse whether the case (the judgement), in their opinion and by reference to their own logical and legal analysis, was correctly decided.

  • The case note needs to be written in full: no dot points, no table format or any other note-taking style is permitted. Importantly, students are required to use their own words to discuss and analyse the judgement. Direct quotation of the judges’ language is highly discouraged, and will be given a low mark.

  • Please use your own words and ideas in your assignments. If you borrow (including using exact words or paraphrasing) someone else's work, particularly words, ideas, and arguments, you should cite the original source from which the words, ideas, or arguments are taken.

  • As your instructors, we understand that in a law essay, we refer to legal rules frequently and Turnitin tends to pick up the legal rules as similarity. It is an advice for you that when you refer to a legal rule in your writing, please cite the source of the legal rule properly following the required referencing style as specified in section 6 below. If you do so, similarity with the legal rules will not be counted

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