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Business Information Systems







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​Viet Thuong has identified music education is one of the key drivers for the company’s future growth. Viet Thuong is investing heavily to create an ecosystems for its music education segmentation including opening new music schools, writing music textbooks and especially developing an online music learning platform. This platform will be used by students in Viet Thuong’s music schools, students from public and private schools from elementary to high schools, and anyone would like to learn musical instruments online. More entertainment functions can be added along the way to transform it into a marketplace and entertainment center. You will play a role as a business analyst and your task is to evaluate whether the strategy of developing an online music learning platform is a suitable strategy for the company, how Viet thuong can protect the copy rights for online music lessons and privacy of its customers, how to promote the online music platform to the market.  

The report will cover the following sections:

  • Introduction (~ 200 words)

    • Provide the overview of industry background and Viet Thuong’s background

    • Provide overview of Viet Thuong’s strategies for future growth

    • State the main purpose of the report and its layout

  • Analysis (~ 800 words)

    • Discuss Viet Thuong’s business model, its business segmentations and sales channels.

    • Provide more details on Viet Thuong’s vision and its strategies for future growth

    • Explain Viet Thuong’s strategy of developing online music platform. Evaluate if this strategy is suitable for the company. In your argument, you should use information pulled from Viet Thuong dataset provided in assessment 1 with appropriate charts and analysis.

    • Discuss the importance of cyber security such as protecting copyrights of music lessons and privacy of customers to Viet Thuong’s business.

  • Recommendation (~ 400 words)

    • Suggest how Viet Thuong can handle cyber security for their online music platform.

    • Recommend how Viet Thuong can promote their online music platform to Vietnam Market.

  • Conclusion (~ 100 words)

  • References

    • Accurate referencing in Harvard style

    • Good mix of valid and reliable sources

  • Appendices

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