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International Business







Suggested Structure:

Your team will have to identify a company operating in Vietnam (either local or international), which has some portion of its operation involving international business. You will coordinate an interview with the owner or key manager to discuss challenges the business has in conducting any aspects of international business activities. The purpose of the interview is to identify at least one issue the company facing. The data collected from the interview will be used as a real life case study to be analyzed using IB theories, in order to generate a practical business report with recommendations how to deal with the issue.

What questions to ask?

  • Each company will have a very different situation. The range and depth of the problems they experience will be specific to that company. The interview questions can’t easily be planned beforehand, but we suggest you commence by asking open questions about the company to gain background information (“Please tell us about your company?).

  • You should then move to international business and ask them again an Open question to encourage them to talk about their problems (…you’ve told us about your business in Japan – tell us about that?).

  • Encourage them to talk broadly but direct the focus to the issues you are interested in by Probing Questions.

  • Closed Questions which lead to a one word or sentence answer will finalize the specific information you need (What year did you open your factory in Japan?)

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